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Wedding on the family farm in Suffolk

When Bertie and Will first contacted me, it was clear that holding their summer wedding on the family farm in Suffolk was very important to them. It is a very special place, set in the heart of the Suffolk landscape and with their family history stored deep within the walls.

Bertie got ready in the farmhouse, with Tracy Anne Cook helping with make-up and her parents helping to keep an eye on the little ones. Bertie had chosen a dress by Mori Lee and she looked beautiful as she arrived at the nearby local church to get married.

Suffolk Wedding Photography 01
Suffolk Wedding Photography 02
Suffolk Wedding Photography 03
Suffolk Wedding Photography 04
Suffolk Wedding Photography 05
Suffolk Wedding Photography 06
Suffolk Wedding Photography 07
Suffolk Wedding Photography 08
Suffolk Wedding Photography 09
Suffolk Wedding Photography 10
Suffolk Wedding Photography 11
Suffolk Wedding Photography 12
Suffolk Wedding Photography 13
We used the lovely areas around the farmhouse for the couple shots which was all the more special being places that are such a large part of Bertie and Will’s life.

Suffolk Wedding Photography 14
Suffolk Wedding Photography 15
Suffolk Wedding Photography 16
Suffolk Wedding Photography 17
Suffolk Wedding Photography 18
Suffolk Wedding Photography 19
Suffolk Wedding Photography 20
Suffolk Wedding Photography 21
Suffolk Wedding Photography 22
Suffolk Wedding Photography 23
It was one of the hottest days of the summer and the flowers (by Wild Poppies) in the marquee did really well to withstand the heat – a good sign of an expert florist!

Suffolk Wedding Photography 24
Suffolk Wedding Photography 25
Suffolk Wedding Photography 26
Suffolk Wedding Photography 27
Suffolk Wedding Photography 28
Suffolk Wedding Photography 29
Suffolk Wedding Photography 30
Bertie was such a wonderfully unfussy bride and this last picture epitomises how relaxed she was on the day as she walks the wet and soggy family spaniel back to the farmhouse in her wedding dress.

Suffolk Wedding Photography 31

Justine Ferrari - August 10, 2014 - 9:17 pm

Congratulations to Bertie and Will. Hope you enjoy reliving such a happy day through your wedding pictures xx

Hengrave Hall Review of a Mid Summer Wedding

Adam and Janine chose one of the top Suffolk wedding venues, Hengrave Hall for their wedding day celebrations. It was a beautiful day in mid-July and the Hall looked so beautiful as I arrived, I stopped to take my first shot of the day from halfway up the very long drive.

Hengrave Hall wedding images 01
With Janine’s love of reading in mind, I took the opportunity for something different and used the beautiful library at the Hall to photograph her bridal accessories. Her very elegant dress was designed by Suzanne Neville and had an exquisite, delicate overlay of lace and a silk flower detail at the waist.
Hengrave Hall wedding images 02
Upstairs in the Queen Elizabeth bridal suite, hair and make up was in the capable hands of Gemma Holiday and Emily Turnbull of Love Moi Make-up. Everything seemed to be going perfectly to plan, both in the girls room and down the corridor where Adam and his groomsmen were busy with their bow ties …. and so it was time to open the champagne!

Hengrave Hall wedding images 03
Hengrave Hall wedding images 04
Hengrave Hall wedding images 05
Hengrave Hall wedding images 06
Janine’s lovely mum helped attend to the final touches of the dress, which fitted like a glove. The dress code of the day for the guys was dinner jackets and Adam had chosen a very fine midnight blue Burberry suit.

Hengrave Hall wedding images 07
Hengrave Hall wedding images 08
Janine’s father arrived and was bowled over by his first glimpse of her in her wedding dress. Just time to open a carefully chosen gift from her husband to be and then Janine made her way down the stairs on the arm of her father to the grand hall for the ceremony.

Hengrave Hall wedding images 09
Hengrave Hall wedding images 10
Hengrave Hall wedding images 11
Hengrave Hall wedding images 12
Hengrave Hall wedding images 13
Hengrave Hall wedding images 14
Hengrave Hall wedding images 15
Hengrave Hall wedding images 16
The guests spilled out into the sunshine of the West Terrace and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of champagne, canapes and some very competitive garden games!

Hengrave Hall wedding images 17
Hengrave Hall wedding images 18
Hengrave Hall wedding images 19
Hengrave Hall wedding images 20
Hengrave Hall wedding images 21
Hengrave Hall wedding images 22
Hengrave Hall wedding images 23a
Hengrave Hall wedding images 24
Hengrave Hall wedding images 25
Hengrave Hall wedding images 27
Hengrave Hall wedding images 28a
The dining room had been decorated with lovely pastel flowers from The English Rose Florist and with pretty center pieces of bound books and glass chests of flowers. A very impressive sweet table had been laid out in the hall and which attracted guests to dive in very early on!

Hengrave Hall wedding images 29
Hengrave Hall wedding images 30
Hengrave Hall wedding images 31
Hengrave Hall wedding images 32
Hengrave Hall wedding images 33
Hengrave Hall wedding images 34
Hengrave Hall wedding images 35
A proper Hengrave Hall Review should highlight the wealth of opportunities the venue offers for romantic couple shots. Whilst the guests were finishing their dinner, I took Janine and Adam out for a second short couple shoot, this time using the front driveway of the impressive house and where the setting sun was casting long shadows over the lawn.

Hengrave Hall wedding images 36
Hengrave Hall wedding images 37
Hengrave Hall wedding images 38
Hengrave Hall wedding images 39
Hengrave Hall wedding images 40
They were both a delight to work with and were easy and relaxed for the session, despite some rather over-excited on-lookers peeping out of the windows!

Hengrave Hall wedding images 41
Hengrave Hall wedding images 42
After checking the decorations which had transformed the ballroom, the speeches got under way. Love the shot below of Janine’s dad with his head in his hands. All great speeches and a note to the best men – I think you got away with it;)…!

Hengrave Hall wedding images 43
Hengrave Hall wedding images 44
Hengrave Hall wedding images 45
The guests were lured back outside for the traditional Jewish custom of breaking a glass which Adam carried out with aplomb after a short speech from his father.

Hengrave Hall wedding images 46
Hengrave Hall wedding images 47
I love this time of day at a wedding, especially in the summer months when the guests can simply relax and enjoy the beautiful setting and unusual warm temperate evening air. There were more garden games for some, with beaten opponents ready for pay back, whilst others were just content to wander around the grounds until it was time to head back inside for the couple’s First Dance.

Hengrave Hall wedding images 48
Hengrave Hall wedding images 49
Hengrave Hall wedding images 50
Hengrave Hall wedding images 51
Hengrave Hall wedding images 52
Hengrave Hall wedding images 53
Hengrave Hall wedding images 54
Hengrave Hall wedding images 55
Hengrave Hall wedding images 56
Hengrave Hall wedding images 57


Full moon, new beginnings…..

I have been looking forward to posting about this wonderful celebration of a wedding on the night of the Full Moon that I photographed for Lindsay and Graham in early July. The location of the beautiful water inlets at nearby Felixstowe was already a fantastic start to the day but when you add in a warm and generous couple, the coming together of two families and some seriously nice people to boot … it was a memorable day!

I started the day at the Felixstowe old seafront and was absolutely delighted with the arrival of the elegant, charismatic and characterful guests who arrived soon after, faithfully following the dress code of the day. It was not long before the ‘Dotty Train’ appeared in the distance, carrying Lindsay and a host of family of all ages. They spilled out onto the promenade, to the cheers of their guests and with some very excitable little bridesmaids surrounding  the wonderfully elegant Lindsay and her mother.

Mature weddings 01
Mature weddings 02
Mature weddings 03
Mature weddings 04
The ceremony at Felixstowe Town Hall was  an all inclusive happy celebration of the joining together of two families. There were readings from family members, young grandchildren very much a part of the event and even good friends from abroad witnessing the occasion via the powers of the internet!

Mature weddings 05
Mature weddings 06
Mature weddings 07
Mature weddings 08
Lindsay and Graham emerged from the Town Hall under a cloud of confetti, thrown by their family and good friends.

Mature weddings 09
Mature weddings 10
Mature weddings 11
Mature weddings 12
Mature weddings 13
Mature weddings 14

It was easy to see that the seaside location of this lovely wedding had been carefully planned and I took the opportunity for a few moments with Graham and Lindsay for some couple photographs with a seaside backdrop. Then we joined the rest of the wedding party for the first stop of the day at The Alex bar right on the seafront for morning coffee, where those attending the ceremony had already started to celebrate. A welcome cup of steaming coffee and many warm greetings filled the upstairs of the restaurant, before the couple and their guests were treated to the vintage bus ride home to the afternoon reception.

Mature weddings 15
Mature weddings 16
The marquee had been erected in the couple’s lovely garden and was the centerpiece of a specially planted, stunning wild flower meadow. I had visited the location a few weeks before when there had been no wild flowers in sight … but on the actual day, everything came together and made the most perfect and magical setting.

Mature weddings 17
Mature weddings 18
Mature weddings 19
Mature weddings 20
Mature weddings 21
Mature weddings 22

The afternoon was a wonderful celebration of not only the important morning’s event but also a fantastic coming together of the different generations of families and friends. There was an easy joyful atmosphere to the day, with the sharing of good food, wine, music and a surprise theatrical interlude.

Mature weddings 23

The guests were invited to sit down in the beautifully decorated marquee, with abundant bowls of wild flower arrangements by the Suffolk Flower Company in Hadleigh. One of the best ideas that I have seen at a wedding for a long time, were the stacks of authentic and colourful, country picnic baskets displayed on the trestle tables around the marquee. A guest from each table took it in turns to collect their own basket of Suffolk goodies and enjoyed the the excitement of unwrapping and sharing all the local delicacies. Absolutely top marks to the caterer of the day, Lawsons Delicatessen who stepped in at the last moment….

Mature weddings 24
Mature weddings 25
Mature weddings 26
Mature weddings 27
Mature weddings 28
Mature weddings 29
Mature weddings 30
The speeches were also an all inclusive affair, with various members of the family and friends spontaneously jumping to their feet to add their good wishes and a revealing tale or two!

Mature weddings 31
Mature weddings 32
Mature weddings 33
Mature weddings 34
Mature weddings 35
Mature weddings 36
A simple but very special blessing took place in the secret garden with carefully chosen readings and music.

Mature weddings 37
Mature weddings 38
Mature weddings 39
At just the right moment in the day’s proceedings, there was a lavish English country tea with the opportunity to sample the many delicious cakes which had been brought along by friends of the couple.

Mature weddings 40

One of the loveliest things about this celebratory day for Lindsay and Graham, was the coming together of not just their two families but also a whole host of life long friends and supporters through the years. Everyone was included in both the speeches and the photographs, making the most wonderful record of a momentous day.

 Some of my own favourite images from this wedding follow with the reunion of some very special elderly folk, precious pictures of grandma’s and grandsons… the wonderful mix of different generations having fun on the dance floor and a very special couple with the most wonderful smiles that I spied having a wander in the vegetable garden!

Mature weddings 41
Mature weddings 42
Mature weddings 43
Mature weddings 44
Mature weddings 45
Mature weddings 46
Mature weddings 47
Mature weddings 48
Mature weddings 49
Here they are…. Priceless photo – Love them!

Mature weddings 50
After taking a quick whirl around the dance floor, Graham and Lindsay took a few moments away from their guests to walk down the lane to the estuary beach. This is an incredibly special place to Lindsay and as I joined them for a last set of photos from the day, I could immediately feel the sense of timelessness and peace as we walked along the shore in the evening sun.

Mature weddings 51
Mature weddings 52
Mature weddings 53
Mature weddings 55
Mature weddings 54

I sincerely wish both Lindsay and Graham and all their lovely family both young and old, a wonderful new future with many, many happy memories of this very special day.

Please do leave a comment for them below and for all the pictures of the day, visit the Client Galleries area of the main website.


Jill - August 29, 2014 - 7:31 pm

I echo the previous comments, rarely have I seen such beautiful wedding photos, the colours are so rich and happiness radiates from every shot.

Lindsay Towns - August 16, 2014 - 10:16 am

“I just wanted to let you know that we have been overwhelmed by the enormously positive feedback from so many people regarding the wedding photographs.Indeed Felixstowe Town Hall would like to use some of them for publicity purposes.Lawson’s Delicatessen have also asked to use some of the photographs and also Sarah of Native Gardens who planted the wild flower meadow.We are very touched and are most agreeable if you give your permission.

We want to give you our heartfelt thanks once again for the wonderful pictures you took which exactly captured the spirit of our special day.We know how hard you worked although you were always very sensitive so much so that we were hardly aware you were there……we just caught glimpses of you from time to time”.
Well done Justine! x

Justine Ferrari - August 13, 2014 - 8:47 pm

Thank you Jack

Jack - August 13, 2014 - 2:37 pm

You have captured such joyful photos – good job!

Jessica Ferrari - August 6, 2014 - 9:54 am

What a stunning and special family wedding – such joy and fun beams from these photos! Loved the idea of the picnic hampers and the wild flower meadow is gorgeous!

Anonymous - August 4, 2014 - 5:16 pm

What a lovely wedding with stunning photographs of the day unfolding from the start with the couple and friends gathering on the Old Seafront at Felixstowe through all the special moments of the Celebration. Loved the pictures of the couple on the beach and what a clever idea the wild flower meadow was. A truly family wedding with everyone having a wonderful time.

Justine Ferrari - August 4, 2014 - 4:03 pm

Congratulations to Lyndsay and Graham xx

Maison Talbooth Wedding

The very stylish venue of the Maison Talbooth in Dedham was the choice for Donna and Duncan to celebrate their marriage. Having been together for a fair few years, their wedding day was a day of fun celebrations with their two charming sons and a host of very good friends.

The Maison Talbooth wedding venue is perfect for couples who want a relaxed and intimate vibe to their day. The gorgeous pool area at the bottom of the garden and the tennis courts kept the more energetic guests happy whilst others preferred to simply chill on the hammocks in the garden and enjoy the sumptuous and beautifully presented taster feast provided for lunch.

Donna’s gorgeous wedding dress designed by Susan Neville had been displayed on a tailors dummy which was a great idea. The dress had layers of draped chiffon and a pearl and crystal feature belt which matched well with the sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes. Make-up was provided by the very capable Emma Brooks and Donna was lucky to have a very talented hairdresser, Gary Pellici as one of the guests!

Maison Talbooth weddings 01
Maison Talbooth weddings 02
Maison Talbooth weddings 03
Maison Talbooth weddings 04
Maison Talbooth weddings 05
Maison Talbooth weddings 06
Maison Talbooth weddings 07
Maison Talbooth weddings 08
Maison Talbooth weddings 09
Maison Talbooth weddings 10
Maison Talbooth weddings 11
Maison Talbooth weddings 12
Maison Talbooth weddings 13
Maison Talbooth weddings 14
Maison Talbooth weddings 15
Maison Talbooth weddings 16
Maison Talbooth weddings 17
Maison Talbooth weddings 18
Maison Talbooth weddings 19
Maison Talbooth weddings 20
Milsom’s always serve great food and the miniature tasting menu which felt a bit like a summer picnic was the perfect choice for a mid-summer wedding.

Maison Talbooth weddings 21
Maison Talbooth weddings 22
Maison Talbooth weddings 23
Maison Talbooth weddings 24
Maison Talbooth weddings 25
Maison Talbooth weddings 26
Maison Talbooth weddings 27
Maison Talbooth weddings 28
Maison Talbooth weddings 29
Maison Talbooth weddings 30

As the sun set, the party moved back up to the main house where a magnificent cheese board had been laid out. I often see a photo board at weddings, charting the couple’s history together but Donna had turned this idea into one that suited her better …. a board with lots of pictures of all the friends present at the wedding.

Donna and Duncan had particularly wanted a relaxed celebration and keen to have plenty of time to enjoy their good friends and this is what they achieved.

Maison Talbooth weddings 31

Please visit the Client Galleries section of the main website Justine Ferrari Photography to see all the day’s pictures.

Mandy - August 8, 2014 - 9:49 pm

What a fabulous wedding! The photos really show a true reflection of the most emotional and enjoyable wedding I have ever had the pleasure of being invited to. I can’t believe my best friend is married!!

Donna - July 30, 2014 - 8:39 am

Thank you Justine for creating such gorgeous photos which really tell the story of our wedding day. I did have high expectations having seen all the other lovely weddings on your blog and you have not disappointed!! I’m absolutely delighted, thank you! Also big thanks to my good friend and hairdresser for the day Gary Pellici. garypellici.com

Hengrave Hall Wedding images

I was back at one of my favourite Suffolk wedding venues again last week for the lovely celebration of Sladana and Matthew’s wedding at Hengrave Hall near Bury St Edmunds. They were lucky to have a beautiful day, without this year’s ever present heatwaves or persistant downpours!

I arrived early to capture the Hengrave Hall wedding images for the bridal preparations and really enjoyed getting to know Sladana and her friends a little more as this had been a booking made fairly near to the day and with just a single brief meeting. Sladana was a joy to work with, bringing her own nationalities touches to the day but also keen to blend these with the English traditions. She had chosen a beautiful, elegant wedding dress by Naomi Neoh from The Bespoke Wardrobe which had lovely soft, floaty layers of chiffon and photographed beautifully. Her flowers for the bridal bouquet and table centerpieces were from the Tudor Rose florists and chosen to complement the soft pastel colours of the season and the Karen Millen bridesmaid dresses.

Hengrave Hall wedding images 01
Hengrave Hall wedding images 02
Hengrave Hall wedding images 03
Hengrave Hall wedding images 04
Suffolk wedding photography_0653
Suffolk wedding photography_0654
Suffolk wedding photography_0655
Suffolk wedding photography_0656
Suffolk wedding photography_0657
Hengrave Hall wedding images 07
Hengrave Hall wedding images 08
Hengrave Hall wedding images 09
Hengrave Hall wedding images 10
Hengrave Hall wedding images 11
Hengrave Hall wedding images 12
Hengrave Hall wedding images 13
Hengrave Hall wedding images 14
Hengrave Hall wedding images 15
Hengrave Hall wedding images 16
Suffolk wedding photography_0658
Suffolk wedding photography_0659
Suffolk wedding photography_0660
Hengrave Hall wedding images 18
After the ceremony in the lovely little church in the grounds of Hengrave Hall, the guests enjoyed the champagne and canapes on the long West Terrace. With family and friends from all over the world, it was important to capture the collection of family groups together with snapshots of the many friends who had joined Sladana and Matthew for their special day.

Hengrave Hall wedding images 19
Hengrave Hall wedding images 20
Hengrave Hall wedding images 21
Hengrave Hall wedding images 22
I love this captured moment of grandfather and grandson ….. contemplating escape over the gates to explore further?

Hengrave Hall wedding images 23
Hengrave Hall offers a wealth of opportunity for romantic couple shots and Sladana and Matthew were great to work with for these very important shots, easy to capture their spontaneous joy in their wedding day.

Hengrave Hall wedding images 24
Hengrave Hall wedding images 25
Hengrave Hall wedding images 26
Hengrave Hall wedding images 27
Hengrave Hall wedding images 28
Hengrave Hall wedding images 29
There were more beautiful flowers from Tudor Rose decorating the dining room for dinner. Some great speeches were enjoyed and then it was fairly late in the day and just time enough to capture Sladana and Matthew take to the dance floor for their very first married Dance.

Hengrave Hall wedding images 30
Hengrave Hall wedding images 31
Hengrave Hall wedding images 32
Hengrave Hall wedding images 33
Hengrave Hall wedding images 34
Hengrave Hall wedding images 35
Hengrave looked splendid in the late evening sunshine as I left for the day but you will have to imagine the music spilling out from the open windows as this lovely couple and their friends partied on into the night!

Hengrave Hall wedding images 36

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